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If you can ‘look’ a month ahead, or even further, it takes the stress out of ‘the unknown’.

With this easy accounts software you can plan and forecast your accounts expenditure day by day, and then compare it with your bank statement, you should be able to rest more easily at night.

Have a look at the easy accounting system below, designed in Excel, which is intended to help you manage your domestic and business accounts. You can plan several months ahead and then ‘juggle’ your finances around in advance so you don’t go into the ‘red’. Financial planning is the key.

See the sample page below showing one month. It also works like a calendar – there’s one spreadsheet for each month of the year – all linked – 12 months.

Let’s assume it’s April …. and you want to start your version going from April 1st

No problem – this easy accounts software system comes with 6 accounts already set up – each one is based on the same template – you just give each one a different name, so you don’t get them mixed up, and each one works independently. You can plan your finances on different accounts simultaneously.

$6.58 US Dollars – £4.00 UK POUNDS – 4.80 Euros [plus VAT or relevant taxes in any particular country] [at exchange rates – JAN 2014]

Compatibility with your computer. Windows PC. This file is a standard Microsoft Excel file and is compatible with all Microsoft PC computers from Windows 98 onwards assuming you have a copy of Excel on your computer.

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