After 90 days you will never have to worry about your shot.  Your confidence will have been developed as well as your shot.

Are you tired of seeing heads shaking in disgust as you shoot another airball, brick, or wide open miss? Don’t worry, I’m going to show you how to finetune your shooting so that you’re the “goto shot maker,” when you step foot on the court.

You are about to learn how to go from the shameful “last pick” at the pickup games to the coveted sharpshooter everyone wants on their team. And no, it doesn’t take years to develop this skill.

If you’re ready to take your shooting to the next level, read every word of this letter and implement what I teach you. Hundreds of other people have and the results have been nothing short of amazing.

Before we get started, you should probably know a little bit about me. You know, like if I’m even qualified to teach you how to improve your shooting in the first place!

In college, I was ranked second in 3-point percentage in the country at 50% – And that’s in NCAA Division 2 ball. Want a taste of how dead on my shot is? Check out this viral and much loved YouTube video of me knocking down 46 of 50 shots from the three point line, just like butter…

That video shows how accurately I shoot on a consistent basis. Additionally, I’m currently playing professional ball in Germany as a shooting guard, and being paid cash money for my shooting skill.

I don’t tell you these things to boast, but to let you know you’re in the hands of not only a good teacher, but a player who has walked the walk – Or in this case, shot the shot…

Believe it or not, I wasn’t always a sharp shooter. Much like you, I struggled to make shots and didn’t know where to turn for years.

Have you felt the heart sinking feeling of missing a wide open 10 footer? How about airballing a wide open three? Doesn’t get much more embarrassing than that.

Even after all of this, you still struggle and you’ve probably just settled on the fact that “I was never made to be a shooter, I’ll just work on my passing game.”

Don’t let yourself think that! Don’t get me wrong, being a great offensive playmaker and passer is an important skill, but nothing feels as good as draining a jumper in a defenders eye. Nothing will get your adrenaline rushing like hearing the net snap as you swish a game winning three at a pickup game. And there is no better feeling than knowing all the other guys on your team both trust and WANT you to be the one shooting the ball.

Listen, I don’t know what your aspirations are, and frankly I don’t care. You could just be the guy who wants to improve his shooting for the local pickup games at the gym or park, the high school player who wants to improve for a chance at a spot on a college team, a dad wanting to improve to show his son how to shoot, or a guy with high aspirations of going pro like I have. Whatever your situation, it doesn’t really matter. All that matters is that you want to improve your shooting.

Just like you, I struggled to figure out how to improve my shot. I’ve tried all the things you have. I went to shooting camps, read books on how to improve my shot, stayed late with my coach, and dozens of other supposed “skill builders.” The simple fact was that none of this worked.

Only through thousands of hours of practice, testing, tweaking and personal struggle did I find a system that actually improved my shooting but most importantly my shooting in THE GAMES. And no, none of it was the stuff they teach you at the $400 weekend shooting camp.

Once I figured this system out, and saw the results in my own shooting, I knew that I was onto something big. At first, I just kept it to myself until a few of my friends noticed me draining three’s over and over again and asked me how was doing it. This was when I showed a few friends how I had improved. I worked with them over a few months time and as we practiced, their shooting improved just like mine did.

Once this happened, I knew that I had something special. Not only had I come up with a system for improving my own shot, I had now successfully taught it to others.

After seeing my friends improvement, I decided I wanted to be able to share this with more people than just my circle of friends.

Over the course of several months, I put together a system for improving your shooting that anyone can do. The best part is that you can do it all by yourself without a team, or even a partner. No shame, no embarrassment, just results.

The Shot Maker Solo System will guide you through 12 short weeks of challenging (but fun) lessons that will improve your shooting quicker than you ever imagined. Instead of being relegated to the “passing guard,” you’ll be the “go to” sharp shooter than everyone LOVES passing the ball to.

The Shot Maker Solo System is broken down in a way that once you complete a workout you have added something new to your game.  Whether it is a new shot or move depends on the week.  If you have the desire to improve your shot, this system will work for you. You get each workout broken down 100% from how many reps, how to execute the drill to even the footwork you should use.  As well as explanatory videos that…

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