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ezWebBusinessBuilder2 by Jim Daniels – Mobiles New Zealand

ezWebBusinessBuilder2 by Jim Daniels

I’m Not Gonna Bore You With Some Long Rags To Riches Story. Instead, I’d Like To Talk To You About The Death of Internet Marketing.

The past couple years, a lot of so-called Internet marketing gurus have been claiming it’s all over. That Internet marketing is dead.

The reports have been getting so out of hand in 2014, I just had to do something about it. I haven’t done anything this drastic in a few years, so bear with me.

My name is Jim Daniels. I’ve been making my living online since 1996. Those of you who’ve been on my subscriber list for any length of time, know me as a straight shooter.

And if you’re not too familiar with my work yet, I hope this information will be just as helpful to you.

But before I get started on the so-called death of Internet marketing, I want to give you a quick glimpse at the positive side. If you’ve had any level of success online, you know first-hand that…

In fact, not a day goes by that I don’t give thanks for the wonderful lifestyle it has provided me and my family.

Unfortunately, most people never get to experience that feeling of freedom from a life of jobs. They only know the frustration and disappointment that sets in when an online business venture doesn’t work out like its supposed to.

After all, there’s so much hype and so many false promises in this industry, it can keep even the most ambitious person spinning their wheels for years on end.

Well, before you assume you’ve missed the boat when it comes to making your living from the web, you need to know one fact…

Internet Marketing is NOT Dying, will NEVER Die, and actually has been getting EASIER for the average person…

I know that may sound crazy, especially if you’ve struggled to earn money online, but I’ll prove it to you today.

I’ll show you new ways I’ve been making money and helping others make money, while actually working less, thanks to some changes in the industry.

Well, I’ve been making my living online since 1996 and I like to think of myself as a survivor…

I’ve seen countless gurus come and go over the years. I’ve seen the “death of Internet marketing” announced over and over, by many so-called experts. Yet I just keep plugging along.

I’ve averaged well over $10,000 per month in income online for almost two decades now — from home on my laptop, and now on the go with my smartphone.

Now I could show you all my income screenshots from clickbank, paypal, 2checkout, my merchant account, etc., but if you’ve been on my list for any length of time, you know that’s just not my style.

However if you don’t know me, I realize you need at least some proof. So here’s a copy of one my Clickbank Premier Awards so that you can see that I’m a top seller on Clickbank…

As I mentioned, I could put up lots of income screenshots, but you and I both know that those can be faked. And frankly, I don’t want to build a bunch of hype here. In fact, I’m sort of uncomfortable even sharing those previous earnings numbers with you.

I’m certainly not in the “1%” or anything like that. And there are plenty of average people like me who make far more than I do. In fact, I know lots of folks who’ve been crushing it the last few years.

But I’m not going to waste your time today talking about money. Everyone loves money, but I love something else even more…

That’s Right… Online business is not all about the money for me. It’s about something much more precious…

Sure, I value financial security as much as the next person. But what I value above all, is time freedom.

When I started out online I decided I wanted it to always be just me. No corporate bull, no office, no employees. My goal was to work just enough to give me the income I needed to live the lifestyle I wanted.

In a few minutes I’ll show you exactly how earning online is actually getting easier, especially for solo entrepreneurs like me.

Who knows, maybe you’ll uncover a tidbit or two that will help you get more of that precious time freedom. But first…

I have hard evidence of this. I’ve seen some revealing sales statistics from some let’s say, well-known marketers.

And what really sells BIG online are all the “cookie-cutter” business opportunities, “loopholes” with sneaky social proof strategies, “Google secret ranking strategies” and those “look how much I earned” sales tactics.

The products sell like hotcakes on a big launch day, then as many as half of the customers get a refund. The “pump and dump” marketer could care less because they still walk away with a fat payday.

This “Shiny Object Syndrome” is killing any chance of real success for far too many people!

Instead of relying on themselves, too many people rely completely on one “money making program” or “business opportunity” after another. Then when it yields little or no profit, they give up on it until something else enticing comes along.

All those easy “biz-ops” and “loopholes” that promise quick results and fast riches, look and sound easier than learning all the proper steps to long-term profits online.

In fact, instead of “shiny object” syndrome, maybe it should be called “easy button” syndrome.

It’s human nature to want fast and easy results. Especially when you’re working a regular job or constantly struggling to make ends meet. When you see those juicy earnings screenshots the slick marketers show you, it’s…

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