Forever Gone — The Permanent Tennis Elbow Cure

Hi my name is Bryan and I want to tell you about my simple system to completely and permanently heal your tennis elbow or golfers elbow injury from the comfort of your own home. With my system, you will save fistfuls of your hard earned cash from the greedy hands of doctors, physiotherapists, and other people trying to sell you anti-inflammatory drugs, braces, slings or other useless medical devices. So who am I and what is my message for you? I am a normal guy who suffered from tennis elbow and golfers elbow in my main arm due to poor habits that I developed as a kid. I was so helpless that I asked everyone for help and as a result I used all of the traditional treatments that got me nowhere but it still cost me tons of money.

It all started for me in 2010 with an aching, nagging pain in my elbow that slowed me down from the things I really wanted to do. My pain got so bad that I couldn’t use my mouse or keyboard or even drink my coffee without debilitating pain. It was to the point that I had to stop everything in my life and take care of this problem once and for all. I tried all the traditional treatment methods that all the professionals recommended and all I got was a feeling of helplessness and depression because nothing worked for me, oh yeah, can’t forget the many, many bills that I had to pay without the results to show for them.

But today I have completely recovered from my condition and I want to share with you everything I learned over those 3 years of trial and error. One cool aspect of my system is that everything you need to use my system can be found in your home or easily purchased at the local store, no matter where in this world you happen to live.

So what causes tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow? Maybe you got it from playing tennis or golf but 95% of cases are not caused by these sports. It’s more likely that you developed these conditions from repetitive arm actions and wrist extensions from your workplace or hobbies.

It’s very common for these conditions to come and go in the beginning as they develop and worsen. They will start as a minor, aching pain and develop into a sharp, debilitating pain where you can’t even shake someone’s hand comfortably.

If you decided to go to a doctor for this you already know what they said. They said, “take lots of anti-inflammatory pills and wear a brace or sling as if you BROKE your arm.” This is the standard professional medical advice for dealing with this condition. And guess what? When that doesn’t work, which is no surprise, they suggest cortisone shots.

The reason these methods do not work is that they do not attempt to fix the root cause of the pain, instead they just cover up the symptoms which only make it easier to do the same activity that causes the injury in the first place! After you stop these treatments you’ll notice that the pain has even gotten worse!

It’s very difficult to find the correct solution to this problem as there is a lot of misinformation and unknowledgeable people advising on how to solve this problem. I was there myself, frustrated and annoyed trying to figure it out, making the same mistakes that you are making right now.

I’m sure you’ve heard another piece of advice so commonly available. Just rest your arm, they say! So they tell you to give up your passions in life and take time off work or even give up your job entirely. Quitting life is just not a good long term solution for anyone but even as a short term solution it’s not viable. This is because when you only rest your arm, although it reduces the pain, the tendon and muscles are atrophying and when you go back to your normal activities, the pain is back but even worse than before.

Ok, so, if a doctor isn’t a good option, rest isn’t a good option, what else can someone do for this condition? Well, you could go to a physiotherapist. Actually, this is the best option of these three. But the problem with this is that it costs probably around $100/session and they might not even know the specific exercises for your exact condition. They may have never experienced this condition and only read a little about it while they were training. They may not even have the other useful knowledge that comes along with my program to share with you. These same exercises that they teach you can be done at home, with my video instruction, for a fraction of the price. Beyond all of that, will they offer you the same money back guarantee if for some reason, it doesn’t work for you?

I experienced tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow to a high degree and then fixed it completely. Then I created this exact step by step program for others to do the exact same thing I already did. Of course there are other programs out there for tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow. I have bought all these programs and reviewed them. Not only are they poorly organized but they also have low quality video instruction that looks like it was the first shoot and they didn’t care about the obvious mistakes they made. The information in these e-books was incomplete at best. Not only are they low quality compared to mine but also more expensive. I’m not the kind of guy who wants to squeeze every last penny out of my customers. To me it is more important to provide a quality products and services that serve your needs…

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