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Free for Seniors eBook3 – Mobiles New Zealand

Free for Seniors eBook3

Are you over 55… or do you have a loved one who is? Then you’d better take a close look at this!

Every year Uncle Sam gives away hundreds of millions of dollars in cash, goods, and services to people just like you.

Because the government doesn’t advertise! You’ll never see signs in Washington, or anywhere else for that matter, saying, "Seniors can get $15,000 to fix up their home", or "Seniors can get free prescription drugs or free legal services", or "Take free college courses", or "Travel free overseas."

In recent speeches, both former Vice President Al Gore and Senator Trent Lott blasted the fact that over 5 million children are going without needed medical treatment because their parents don’t know free insurance is available!

Our government has hundreds of millions of dollars of goodies like these that it’s giving away to seniors, but Uncle Sam doesn’t spend a nickel telling people where and how to get them.

Now, an amazing new book entitled "Free for Seniors" reveals thousands of sources of these fabulous freebies that are yours for the asking.

No matter what subject you may be interested in during your golden years… free money grants, home improvement, crafts, travel, gardening, or even sex, Uncle Sam has a free source that can make a huge difference in your life.

Many of these freebies can be yours regardless of your income or the amount of assets you own. So…, why not get your share…, your taxes have already paid for it!

In this amazing new book entitled, "Free for Seniors" you’ll learn about such goodies as how you can:

"Free for Seniors" has sold over 1.4 million copies in paper and ink editions for up to $24.95 each and more… but you save shipping, handling and printing by getting the eBook (electronic book) version when you order today. Better yet, you get the brand new updated edition and you can download it from the internet right now!

You can then read the book on your computer screen, or… you can print it out on your home printer and read it in bed or in your favorite recliner as you would any regular paper and ink book.

"I enjoyed every page, and have written to order different things… I’m enjoying it like a child with a new toy. Thank you for everything, for information about many things I didn’t know about." S.B., Richland, WA

"I just want to thank you. Free for Seniors has helped me to where I’ll be getting $6500 a year extra income." A.G., Arlington Hts, IL

"This is a great book! I didn’t know about any of these programs!" C.T., Franklinville, NJ

"This is an excellent book! I wish I had money to send it to all my friends. So, I have sent each one your address to order one for themselves." J.L., Raleigh, NC

"This book is wonderful! Most seniors like myself don’t even know what is available, much less how and where to find it." D.R. Buffalo Grove, IL

"I love your book and appreciate how much research went into it. I was a volunteer for two years on the Weld County Agency on Aging Advisory Board and cannot express how much seniors need to know ‘there is help out there’." M.L., Frederick, CO

"Wonderful, useful book. It makes a great ‘I care’ gift. The format is great with easability to read and use." C.H., Pawtucket, RI

"Your book has given me all the information I needed to apply for the help I needed by reading, writing, and making the proper calls. Thanks. I’m on my way to enjoying retirement." D.C. Fitchburg, MA

"This book is very informative. You are helping seniors who can’t get out and help themselves because of mobility problems." G.E., Carlyle, IL

"The fact that you have taken the time to furnish all the information. You can tell the author is someone who really … respects the elderly." K.B., Queens, NY

"I enjoyed reading your book very much. Your writing style was right down to earth. I had no idea there was so much government help available to seniors. A book like yours is much needed." M.B., Gualala, CA

"Your book has been very helpful and I have sent for many things. I have read this book over many times and always find something new!" I.F., Peabody, MA

"I found so many forms of inspiration. I did not know our government offers so much to its citizens" P.P. Lagrange, OH

The new eBook edition of "Free for Seniors" can be yours for only $17.77. Get your copy right now and you can put it to use in your own home immediately. You can use it to gain all the "senior" advantages it tells about for eight full weeks without risking a penny!

"Free for Seniors" comes with a solid no-risk, no-nonsense guarantee. Get your copy now and examine it at your leisure. Unless it makes or saves you at least ten times its cost, you’ll get back every cent at any time within the next eight weeks!

You won’t have to send any thing back to get your refund. Simply delete the eBook from your computer and request a full, no-questions-asked refund.

Guarantees simply don’t get any more solid than that, my friend! Where else can you get a guaranteed investment that guarantees a ten-to-one return?

How, you ask… can we make such an offer? It’s simple. We deliver a product worth much more than we ask for it. In business for ourselves for 39 years… we’ve found that 99.9% of our customers are rock-solid honest. We treat our customers right… and they in turn always treat us right!

It’s easy to get Free for Seniors. All you have to do is Click Here Now to charge to your credit card through our secure…

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