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If you are sick and tired of battling to make money online in this brutal, constantly-changing online environment where websites, businesses and livelihoods run the risk of being obliterated overnight by search engine changes that are out of their control… then give me just 7 minutes of your time today, to reveal a proven solution to make money in the form of…

If you want to make a lot of money online, be financially independent and have a successful online business that makes you money day in, day out for as long as the internet exists, then this page could be the most important read of your life..

…because we are going to reveal a proven blueprint that makes us as much as $100,000 each month, is responsible for BILLIONS of dollars in online revenue each year, works consistently, and gets REAL financial results every time it is implemented correctly.

This is not a ‘flash in the pan’, short cut… or a loophole that’ll suddenly be closed off… this is something that WORKS.

So if you are interested in finding out the details about how YOU can copy this blueprint, starting today, then read this page carefully but quickly.

The "Rules" of how to successfully make money online seem to be changing ALL the time…

Strategies and techniques that have been effective for years are suddenly becoming obsolete overnight…

… if you don’t, it was when Google made a massive alteration to their algorithm which led to thousands of websites being BRUTALLY canned …and left countless webmasters and businesses reeling from shock at the wasted time, money, even years of work that they had spent trying to get their sites to rank.

Facebook also make many changes to the ways they allow people to market and advertise in their network.

…so do most of the other online juggernauts that people rely on for traffic, leads and revenue.

Of course, they are all perfectly entitled to make changes… that’s just the way the ball rolls…

….which effectively turns trying to earn a living online into a digital war zone – one that’s difficult to win.

The battleground is a dangerous place to be….and doesn’t matter how big you are either – anyone can get caught up in the crossfire.

However…when a huge shift like ‘Penguin’ occurs — ones where thousands of websites and businesses are affected, there always seem to be a select few who come away unscathed with their revenue sources more or less in tact – (EVEN if they were directly affected by the shift themselves)

Well surprisingly it’s because they are ALL utilizing the same ‘method’ that many seem to ignore…

A ‘method’ that most large companies use to guarantee that they will always be able to drive massive traffic and revenue no matter what happens…

You see when I first discovered this "method"…this simple "secret" — that was literally the turning point for me.

When I started to implement it, that was the moment when everything ‘clicked’…. when the "internet dream" finally became reality.

…we’re not talking about some "one-click to riches" software scam here where you push a button and money appears 🙂

Having said that is was pretty quick – the change was gradual but it happened within a couple of months.

Like I said a moment ago, when I first started to implement this method, almost 7 years ago to the day, things REALLY started happening.

I had actually been TRYING to make money for the previous two years and spent well over $15,000 on ebooks, training and coaching – none of which did me any good.

You see, at the time, the main project I was working on was selling an ebook about healthy eating that I had spent 3 months writing.

I can’t tell you what the site or product was as I signed an NDA when I sold it on a couple of years later… but what I can say is that the website looked monstrously bad and the sales page for the product was once described to me as ‘strangely distressing’ 🙂

It contained a small section, at the top right of each page, where visitors could enter their name and email address in order to receive a free report about how to lose weight.

…and people did just that… they happily entered their names and email addresses in order to get this report.

As a result, I started building an email list – not that I really realized what that meant at the time.

Anyway, a few more months went by to the point where I was making between $10 – $40 (ish) per day selling this ebook on Clickbank and promoting the site in general…and these types of numbers dragged on for a while.

Then one day I bought (yet another) online course which showed me how to effectively mail and market to an email list.

Great! — I thought. I’ll try this on the one I had built…Oddly the concept of sending email messages to these people had never actually occurred to me before.

I wrote a simple 10 line email promo selling a dieting product on the Clickbank marketplace and sent it out to the list (which, at the time, was around 1450 people)

That’s right — $574 in commissions from the product I was promoting in the email I sent out the previous day.

…without really doing anything I had just made more money in 12 hours than I was making in an entire WEEK at my day job.

Obviously, this struck a chord, and soon after, I tried the same thing in another niche that I was working on…

And that was to an email list of 6500 people I had built up via Google Adwords over the course of a couple of months.

From then – EVERYTHING changed. (…and soon enough my day job was confined to the history books)

Well, push forward to 2012… and our email lists collectively generate anywhere between $20,000K and $100,000K in…

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