Profit Rush System

If a billionaire Wall Street trader called you up today and told you he was just about to pile $10 million into buying or selling a certain currency pair, what would you do?

Because that Wall Street honcho must KNOW something that YOU don’t to pile that much money into that currency pair, right?

What if you had software on your own trading platform that could alert you when ‘smart money’ from the BIG institutional traders like banks, hedge funds enters the market… and…. all you’d have to do is follow the BUY or SELL signals it gives you?

It’s like being tipped off by a casino dealer at a blackjack table to load up on your bets when the count is in your favor.

I’m a renegade forex trader who used to be employed to a little-know but powerful hedge fund in Westport, CT.

Took a job with a public accountancy firm that promised to pay for my MBA if I worked 3 years with them.

That job sucked but I stuck it through till I used connections to get in as a trader at the hedge fund.

I’d racked up $20,000 in student loans and was on the hook for another few thousand in credit card debt.

Each time I got an offer, I told my bosses and they’d up my salary until offers were coming at me at machine gunfire rate they ultimately offered me an "eat what you kill deal".

In case you don’t know, "eat what you kill" is a popular arrangement among intuitional and proprietary traders where a trader doesn’t get paid a salary;

But, of course, if the sales pro is REALLY good, that person can earn way more than the company president.

They’d say the only way you could know was if God tapped you on the shoulder and told you where to place your trade.

Back in the day someone said the earth was flat and didn’t someone come along and say he had evidence to prove the earth is round?

You see, when you work with an intuitional trading environment, you see things which you wouldn’t normally see as a retail forex trader.

And when I saw those tell-tale signs, I knew exactly what to do before all the other traders on the floor.

It’s funny… because while all my colleagues were screaming bloody hell as their positions on the wrong side of a move put them in immediate loss, I was smirking in silent victory as I raked in money hand over fist.

Part of my job description required that I be competent in C# and C++ to code software to do the heavy lifting.

It simply sniffed and detected when BIG, SMART money was moving in and told me how to load up my trades.

And without any warm up or pleasantries, one of them said, "Connor, we have reason to believe you’re committing trading violations of our companies’ rules.

Our prior agreement with you about your percentage deal will be suspended until further investigation. Please sign here to say you agree to the terms of the document."

If I’d signed the document, here’s what it would mean: I’d be earning the same as any other trader on the floor.

You and I–along with other traders–will be placing hundreds of orders to exploit the expected currency moves way ahead of the traders at my former firm.

The same bosses and traders who used to call your money stupid money because they knew you didn’t know how to play the game as well as they did are now gonna feel it.

You will look at your trading platform and see the numbers spinning up in profits just like a car’s speedometer as it accelerates.

You know like the ones form after the monthly NON FARM payroll announcements or after any MAJOR scheduled announcements?

You’ll become profitable every day with only a fraction of the hassle other traders put themselves through.

I’m talking about spending only a few minutes at market opening times and before key economic announcements to cash in on HUGE moves.

You’ll begin making a day’s take in only a couple minutes and you have the balance of the day to do whatever you wish instead of looking for pattern set ups, or when one moving average crossess the next or any other crap you used to do in the past.

After 5 years of trading the markets, I’ve discovered a few things and one of the main discoveries is that there’s no "holy grail" of trading and that "simple is better."

When everyone around me was nervous. Expectant. Their fingers hovering over their keys, waiting to see which direction the market would go, I already knew.

Having this software is like the equivalent of getting a personal phone call from George Soros or Warren Buffet that they’ve just piled into a particular currency pair.

I don’t know about you, but I can only sit in front of the computer for so long staring at charts before my eyes dry out and my brain starts to shut down.

But to be honest, after years in the markets, I believe that day trading, or even just trading methods that are so complex they require hours of study every day will just plain burn you out in the end.

That’s pretty liberating if you ask me, because it gives you the opportunity to be a trader and still "have a life".

You can load this up on your iPad (or any other tablet or mobile device you have) and trade from it while you’re at work.

All you need is a glance from what you’re working on and a minute to place the trade once you’re alerted to do so.

Fact is, if you keep this up every day, pretty soon the money you’re making on the side is going to equal your salary… and eventually pass it!

…or are you slaving away for…

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