RV Freedom Now Step by Step Guide to RV Full-Time

Discover the 10 Steps You Need to Live the Ultimate RV Lifestyle from Real-World People Already Doing It

"Your new e-book is … well, awesome! I am up to about page 50 or so and it gets two thumbs up … actually 4 thumbs up but I only have two!! I will certainly promote this publication to my readers as I consider it an asset to anyone who is fulltiming or considering the lifestyle. Well done, Kate. " Les Doll www.rverscorner.com

"Your book is brilliant. I really enjoyed it. My Mum retires next year and is planning on getting what we in UK call a camper van, i.e. a small RV. Although your book is written for US and Canada, there is a huge wealth of really useful information and points to consider when setting out and a lot of it will be very useful to her. It is well laid out and easy to follow. There is so much in there that I would never have thought of. To have all that information to hand is invaluable. Thank you for an excellent resource." Amanda Goldston www.GetYourDreamLife.com

"I found the book to be a very clear and concise step by step introduction to the world of mobile life. Gave me everything I need to know to get a start. A great book for anyone looking into the RV lifestyle and wondering how to go about it. Kate answers a lot of the questions that will come up in the minds of the mobile traveler." Paul McIntosh, Pickering, Ontario, Canada

"I read your guide and have been browsing through it again and think it’s great. Very comprehensive, beautifully written and intelligently constructed. I’m sure it will be a real "go-to" book for all kinds of RV enthusiasts." J. Michael Ross www.ReverseMortgageCMA.com

I just read “10 Easy Steps to Full-time RV Freedom”….twice and have to say it answered questions I hadn’t even thought of yet. What a great book! It covers every base, from beginning to end. Each issue of the process is covered here from what to travel in, how much money it will take, banking on the road, leaving friends behind, storing your stuff, phone and internet, health care in the U.S. and Canada, the list goes on. It was particularly helpful to see the many web links and resources listed. It is one thing to be advised about the possibilities of full-time RVing and another to be lead right to the places and sources you’ll need. This book took me directly down a logical path and it saved me weeks of searching and finding these things out for myself. Life on the road will be sweeter with fewer incidents, I’m sure, now that I have this great book of how to do it well and do it right. I highly recommend it.

Imagine How These Powerful Secrets Will Help You Take the Leap into the New Life you are Dreaming of!

Why asking ‘one burning question’ (is this what I want?) is absolutely not enough to truly understand if this is what you want

Find out exactly what it takes to stay in touch with friends and family while you’re on the road (it’s not what you think)

The single easiest way to cut down your communication costs but still be completely accessible (this is easier than you think)

How to completely avoid the most costly mistake people make (knowing this could save you thousands of dollars)

The fool-proof way to figure out exactly how much money you need for the lifestyle you want (and why almost everyone gets this wrong the first time)

Tips to effortlessly navigate the maze of storage decisions (and figure out if you even need storage)

The remarkable ‘permanent residence’ formula of having a residence when you don’t actually live anywhere (and how choosing correctly could save you big money each year)

16 proven ways to navigate the confusing array of communication opportunities and figure out which one is the most effective for you (without breaking the bank)

The single easiest way to make sure you’re not overpaying for mail and fax services you need to receive important mail and documents no matter where you are

"I hope that my example proves …to my granddaughters that they truly can achieve whatever goals they put to themselves– they will know because they have seen it done by grandma – they do have the power to make their dreams reality…"

The right way to manage your property from a distance with as little pain as possible (if you choose to keep it)

The real nuts and bolts of managing your bills, your banking, and just about everything else from anywhere you choose to park your rig (at the click of a button)

How knowing what kinds of gadgets and tools are essential and which ones are just junk can jump-start your learning curve (and save you money)

How to deal with the ‘little’ things that normally trip up anyone when they are starting out full-time

Listen, these people tell their stories in unabashed detail, offering you a true glimpse into the day to day life of living on the road. They spill the beans about the good things, the great things and the things they tried that have been complete disasters.

“So at 50 years old, having learned not to let fear paralyze me, I pressed on, overcoming each obstacle and objection one at a time until I found myself behind the wheel of my dream machine”

“I don’t have a mechanical bone in my body, but I soon learned that RVers are a helpful bunch. So my fears about traveling around in our house with no idea how to fix anything dissipated rather quickly.”

“Simply because North America has so much to see, checking out what is around the next bend takes top priority…

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