Sustainable Wins In 1/2 No Limit Poker – Dominate No Limit Hold’Em

You can easily read this eBook in one night, retain all the information, and take your game to the next level for your very next session. If you play in a home game, your friends will be impressed. If you play at a casino or online, you can easily double, triple, and possibly even quadruple your money in just a few hours. The information provided in this strategy poker eBook can take your game from the amateur level to the semi-professional level in an instant.

Click to purchase now through for only $19!Here are the results from my last 10 No Limit sessions using the strategies offered in this poker eBook:

That’s a 7-3 record. Also notice that none of the losses exceed $200, which is very important for money management purposes. I don’t know about you, but I much prefer to drive home with a stack of hundred dollar bills in my wallet. Here’s what you will learn in Sustainable Wins in 1/2 No Limit Poker:

Dan Moss’ Sustainable Wins is the first proven model for wining at poker. It is a clear cut no nonsense guide to poker strategy and tactics. If you want to improve your game then study and apply these tactics, techniques, and practices. When you are ready to graduate from the pain of gambling and to the gain of poker then this is the book to read.

Love this E-Book.  Sustainable Wins gives you great strategies to live by on the felt while you are learning the game.  You will book more wins and minimize the occasional losses…which is what poker is all about.  Great instruction!

It is a great strategy for a “Tight Aggressive” style. It will allow the player to minimize their swings in bankroll.

Hey dan, my name is Tom. I have to thank you for that great e-book. You can’t even understand how helpful it was for me. I was a winning player at 1-2 nl at my home games but I wasn’t killing the tables. Decided to make the move to vegas. Dan, your strategy provided on this site and especially on your e-book made me very wealthy and very happy sooner than u think. Maybe on average poker room following that stategy will earn you 200$ profit on average but if u play 9pm-5am at the right casinos and right table selection in Vegas you earn around 500-700$ on average playing exactly by your e-book! 

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