The Kettlebells For A Fit Diver System

The Kettlebells For A Fit Diver System was created to help the diver drop unwanted pounds, increase strength, flexibility, and endurance, and do it all in about three hours per week! Make the entire Kettlebells For A Fit Diver System yours today, for only a fraction of its value!

That’s what I ask my fellow divers when they are frustrated with their results and not sure what they could be doing wrong. I follow up with other questions to get to the root of the problem.

I invite you to answer the above questions and continue reading. I can tell you from my two decades of experience in the field that 99% of people flunk them.

I’m sure you are here because you’ve had it with the lack of results and want to improve your diver fitness and life permanently. It is time for change and change starts NOW!

It is time to ditch the outdated guidelines and find out how you can boost your results, save your sanity, time, and your hard-earned cash!

Not only can you do so at your own convenience, you won’t need expensive complicated gear, or gym memberships. Let me ask you:

You can spend it on expensive contraptions that only do one thing and break down easily, or costly memberships you never use.

You can invest the equivalent of a few cents per day on a simple but effective solution that can last virtually a lifetime.

“Ok Coach, so how do we do this? What is this solution that will help me become a fit diver without taking too much of my time or breaking my budget?”

Obviously, it involves the kettlebell. The humble kettlebell has been around for centuries and it’s as effective now as it was back then.

You get immediate Platinum Diver Access, which grants you access to all the components of the system, including all future upgrades. You can start with the Quick Course and The Three Kettlebell Exercises Every Diver Should Know to get you acquainted. You will have immediate access to the digital version of the latest edition of Kettlebells For a Fit Diver, to download to your computer, favorite e-reader, or to print.

But before I tell you of all the goodies in this unbeatable system, I will tell you what it is designed to do.

Both seasoned and novice lifters will benefit greatly as the system is adaptable to your skill level.

The book has detailed instructions with pictures you can study. The quick course videos can be accessed immediately and cover the foundations in great detail. The technique videos give you the visual reinforcement, and the workouts increase your skills gradually.

Everything is designed to help the novice kettlebell lifter excel and reap the results of kettlebell lifting.

The old world has always known –and tried to keep it a secret – about the awesomeness of kettlebells.

The Kettlebells for A Fit Diver System is for divers of all fitness levels who are ready for permanent changes.

I have no doubt you are going to love it and never get tired as it evolves with you. It is like having me as your own personal coach 24/7.

You get immediate access to the digital copy of the latest edition. In the book you will learn about:

Note If you purchased the paperback book from one of the many online retailers or dive shops, please use the contact form to make the arrangements to get access.

Four modules (plus one bonus module) to introduce you to the foundations of kettlebell lifting in a time efficient format.

Module 1 – The foundations, setting up, and selecting your bell. Module 2 – Fundamental positions and movements, and common pressing mistakes. Module 3 – Variations of fundamentals, learning to miss, new exercises Module 4 – Trunk/Core and putting it all together.

Effective core/trunk exercises to enhance your Kettlebells For A Fit Diver experience. You’ll get demonstrations of the techniques for exercises like:

Finish your kettlebell workout on a high note by increasing your mobility without boring outdated stretches. A plus for your Kettlebells For A Fit Diver experience. You’ll get video techniques for exercises like:

Have you mastered the exercises in the book? Need a little extra for variety? Here are extra exercises for your enjoyment. They will allow you to create new, more varied workouts after completing the program. You’ll get video techniques for:

To finish right, you have to start right, and you start right with a proper warm-up. Prepare your body for the rigors of your training and maximize your workout time. You can find a warm-up suitable to your level:

Beginner Warm-Up – The routines are based on movements low in complexity, impact, and on flexibility demands. Stationary footwork and drills to get body and mind ready. Don’t be deceived by the term “beginner.” You will get challenged!

Intermediate Warm-Up – The routines in this area introduce dynamic footwork and drills, basic velocity work, basic coordination drills, and promote greater range of motion where needed.

Advanced Warm-up – These routines are for seasoned lifters and experienced athletes/fitness enthusiasts. Multi-directional foot work, ballistic work, full body mobility drills, and more, make it possible for advanced kettlebell lifters to get their bodies and minds ready while enhancing their motor skills.

Your Platinum Diver Access allows you access to ALL the existing and upcoming performance tools available including:

Heart Rate and Recovery Tracker – A handy tool to help you keep track of your recovery patterns and show you if you start crossing the line of overtraining.

Sleep and Recovery Tracker – Did you know sleep is one of the most crucial but neglected components in recovery? How do you know about the contributions of your sleep if you do not keep track? This handy tool helps you answer those questions so you can take appropriate corrective measure.

Bodyweight Tracker – Keeping track of the trends on your…

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