Tradies Angel

AT LAST! Absolutely  Everything I wished I had when I first started out in business 15 years ago A SMALL BUSINESS OPERATORS Must have: Carry Your Mobile Office Around In Your Hip Pocket

Your initial charge will be $49. You will then be charged $49/month for 11 months after your initial charge has been made.

Get serious and turn your small business into a big business today! Australian Owned, made tested and proven out in the field……. Not by lab rats or computer geeks. Your about to discover how to overcome the high failure rate in the first 5 years and bullet proof your business.

From Craig Dolden – former concreter If you’re like me there are never enough hours in the day and days in the week. It feels like I’m working 25 hours a day 8 days a week and I never have enough time for my family or myself. My golf clubs are stuck in the back of the garage covered in dust and rusting away. My kids need a photo of me to remind them what I look like I so seldom see them But The icing on the cake came the other day after my wife nagging me for weeks to fix the leak in the roof went and did something so drastic that it’s still hard for me to talk about. She called “Hire a Hubby”  to get the job done…… This was the ultimate cardinal sin for a Tradies better half to commit, I felt as though she was having an affair. But to be honest I couldn’t blame her.

Do you know what I’m talking about? I got into this business to create more time and financial freedom however all I’ve got is a low paying J.O.B (Just Over Broke) I can’t remember the amount of times the thought has crossed my mind to pack all this in and just go back on the tools and work for a boss. But we all know that’s not an option…..

Sitting here in my Ute and I look around I’ve got faded receipts lining my dashboard, apart from fading the only good thing is that they are saving my dash from cracking. My glove box is spring loaded with all my paperwork and my client database is lying on the passenger seat floor scribbled on the back of subway wrappers which I have remembered to keep…… its no wonder my business is out of control and I’m not making enough money. Its hard enough trying to get new clients and here I was sabotaging myself, times are tough enough and here I am making it tougher. Has this every happened to you? This wasn’t being entrepreneurial at all

I was jack of people cancelling jobs at the last minute and leaving me no time to fill the gap… hanging out to dry like a shag on a rock. I may as well as going to the ATM withdrawing 100 dollar notes tearing them up and throwing them in the bin

So I start looking for solutions, talking to mates and searching the internet for better ways and systems all of which was all over the place and cost a fortune. I needed something to keep all my client details in that wasn’t going to be time consuming that I could keep with me everywhere I went no matter whether I was on the job or at home I had it at my fingertips. Well everything I looked at was so complicated and clunky you needed an university degree to use or cost and arm and a leg. It just didn’t suit me……. Anyway…….let me save you the trouble (and many brain-draining hours in front of the computer) because to my knowledge…… there is no such resource. Until now………..

And that was the first year! I spent years piecing all the info together. So back to my story….. I was tired of working like a mad man and not getting anywhere, and that was only during the day, then I would come home to all my paperwork.

I hated it!!!!! AND… what’s worse, I wasn’t even getting paid for it. I felt I needed to factor that into the pricing of each job Wouldn’t it be great if I had a system where all my receipts got automatically uploaded and I didn’t need to set eyes on them again.

But yesterday was different…. I did a quote whilst waiting in a queue at Bunning’s then I sent off two invoices waiting in a queue at the bank. I used to hate standing in line at the bank. Materials were late on-site which meant I had a twenty minute window so I prepped this month’s BAS statement, then my little lethal weapon reminded me to ring my roofer to send plans through….. Done So I got home and habitually started my normal routine, Stress…. Think Back….. Work out all the stuff I had to do at the end of the day

“Tradies Angel allowed me how to turn all those unpaid hours of bookwork into a thing of the past. Now I get home and unpack the ute and trailer ready for tomorrow’s jobs and I’m done. I have already been divorced once and was putting my new relationship in jeopardy until I got the Angel. It has been absolutely priceless.” Jim Kennedy House Handyman. Robina. Qld

Your initial charge will be $49. You will then be charged $49/month for 11 months after your initial charge has been made.

To help you with your success, I also want to give you some of the tools that helped me over the years.

Words cannot explain the satisfaction I get after another successful day at work where I am also getting rewarded for my expertise – just as I deserve… You too…

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