What can i do if my iPhone fall and the glass brake?

Ever wonder what you would do if your cell phone fall and the glass brake? Then when it happen you don’t want to pay the full retail price or don’t have the money to replaced it? Here’s how to replace the broken glass without having to get a new cell phone.
The things you will need:
New Glass Screen ($4 on Amazon)
Cotton Swab
Can of Compressed Air (don’t use a hair dryer!!!)
Step 1 :
Use the toothpick to remove any pieces of broken glass.
Step 2 :
Use a dry cotton swab (the bigger end) to remove any accumulation of dust.
Step 3:
Use a can of compressed air to remove any remaining pieces of glass and dust.
Step 4 :
Peel back the glass piece from the sticky paper.
Step 5:
Stick the new glass piece onto the screen of the phone and press down on it to secure it.
You can order the cellphone parts here :

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